Shahen  Meghrian Zeenavor Meghrian

Shahen  Meghrian

 Shahen was the son of the  famous Zeenavor Meghrian.
Shahens famley  has been  in Gyulistan Sins 1700 .
Shahen was born on January 2,1952 in the village of Gyulistan, in the Shahumian region.
 Gyulistan is the  home of  many famous Armenians. 

Early last century a peace treaty  was signed  between Russia & Iran. 
With this treaty they ended the bloody war that lasted from 1804 - 1813. 

The peace treaty

Castle of Gyulistan
the peace treaty
was signed here


On April 17, 1993 under the fire of Azeri air attacks, we lost Unger Shahen Meghrian and his comrades.
  He had become the symbol of the struggle for
the freedom of the Shahumian region. 


He spent his time attending the local schools there. He continued his education at Yerevan
State University where he majored in economics. After graduation Shahen Meghrian returned to Gyulistan and became the chief economist of manufacturing and production in the Shahumian region. 

In the summer of 1991 he took the position as commander of the Shahumian defense forces.
He was a member of the Nagorno-Karabagh Republic National Assembly.
 Shahen Meghrian embodied the spirit of the Armenian volunteer organizer, the skilled soldier and of the fearless leader.

Shahen was a proud AYF Member. 


Shahen and Zinvor Meghrian 
having a Father and son talk 

Shahen Speaking to  a Russian reporter .
  in a background is  Gyulistan

Some  of the info  on this  page  is from  AYF archives