God will write a new testament for the Armenian people 
The Testament of Blood.

The modern Armenian-liberation movement has established for itself an new breed of heroes, who among other things, have their roots firmly planted in the ancient wisdom and God-fearing nature of our old Armenian heroes. The ancient heroes knew all too well what they were fighting for and never betrayed their people or the rules of heroism. They were dubbed the (gods of fire.) Worthy of Vahakn. They all unselfishly gave their lives for the preservation of freedom and of self-government. In this line of heroes follows the might Tatul, from Taline.

Tatul Krpeyan and a reporter from USA 

Tatul Showing her Getashen 
and  the  damage don bye azeris 

Tatul Georgig Krpeyan was born in the village of Arek in the town of Taline on April 21, 1965. His intermediary schooling was completed at the Taline technical School, where he graduated with honors. After serving in the army for two years he was accepted to the University of Yerevan. In his fourth year at the university, Tatul joined the Armenian-liberation movement. He was also a pert of the (Meiatsoom) organization whose goal was to unite Artsakh with the motherland. The struggle for independence and solidarity enveloped the whole country, especially students who took to the streets in protests and demonstrations, demanding justice and freedom. Tatul had decided to manifest these ideas through actions. His involvement with the military provided him an outlet to actively pursue the right of independence and justice. The Azeri's army was beginning to infest towns in Artsakh; tanks appeared from nowhere and death seemed eminent. In September of 1990, Tatul dropped his courses at the university and joined the front line of battle at (Getashen.)

" I was one of Tatul's students in Getashen, I consider my self very luck of being one of his students. He was a great teacher and a wonderful person. He was a person who would give his life for his mother land and human rights. And when the time came he didn't hesitate to save the village from soviet army."

One of Tatul's student

he Armenian villagers in Artsakh accepted these Freedom Fighters with open arms. Some of troops went out of their ways to help the villagers any way they could. They helped them with the farms and the re-location of families. Tatul himself taught songs and dances to the children. The troops helped restore a fallen church because they knew God was the basis for their hopes and survival.

Tatuls Wife and his  3 year old  angel Ani 

The first serious battle against the Azeri's began in February, 1991. Our heroes won, thanks to Tatul relentless efforts in securing guns and power from the Russian forces. He encouraged his troops to always be prepared for an even greater attack. In March of the same year, another serious clash between the Armenians and the Azerii's took place; once again the Turkish forces were catapulted back with great force. Nevertheless a time came when the Turkish army was began to overpower the Armenian Freedom Fighters. The town of Getashen was surrounded by Turkish forces and under severe threat of being taken over. Tatul was overtaken by the spirit of Vahakn again; this time he commandeered a Russian tank, commanding the driver to take him and his friends to the front line. This is how we lost one of out great leaders; he was a (legend) in his own time said his friend of him. Tatul, a teacher, a fighter and a guardian angel sent to protect his people and to defy the limitations of a rebellious soul.

At the same day whit Tatul Krpeyan Armenia lost Arapo Simon  Achikgyozyan 


Arapo Simon  Achikgyozyan 



The final farewell to a friend, teacher, Father , and a great Armenian  
For  many years to  come   songs about Tatul Krpeyan will be sang
like  songs about Andranik  Pasha and Gevork Chavush 
"People's Deputy of the Russian Federation"

My past experiences gave me much to compare with what I saw in
Samashki. On May 7, 1991, when I was People's Deputy of the Russian
Federation, I was in the Armenian village of Voskepar when an operation
called "The Ring" was carried out under the decree of then-Soviet
President Mikhail Gorbachev. The operation called for the disarmament of
"illegal armed formations." Immediately after the order to disarm was
given through loud speakers, Soviet forces began shelling the village. I was
convinced that when I emerged from my shelter every thing would be
destroyed. But I was amazed to see that only the outskirts of the village had
been hit, and only those civilians who had tried to take cover in the woods
had been killed. After the shelling, the troops should have moved into the
village, but they did not perhaps because of my presence. A while earlier,
Soviet troops had, under similar circumstances, massacred civilians in the
villages of Getashen and Martunashen.

04-24-2002: The monument was built by Krpeyan’s fellow-villagers, with the money collected by them.
The daughter of national hero Tatul Krpeyan and Prime Minister of Armenia unveiled the monument to the national hero in his native village Areg, Aragatsotn marz. --Tatul Krpeyan was killed in 1991, while defending the village of Getashen in Shahumian region, when Soviet army and special Azeri brigades were trying to remove all Armenians from this ancient Armenian settlement.. The monument was built by Krpeyan’s fellow-villagers, with the money collected by them. His combat friends said that this year they will, once again, perform the traditional ceremony - on April 24, they will go to the top of Mount Artin and light a big fire there, visible from Turkey, the message being “we have not forgotten.


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